We’ve got Along road ahead of us...

Along is a social video platform that gives creators the best tools to collaborate, monetize their work, and bypass the edit bay—all so they can create and share their best work with less effort.

Bryn + Sam started building Along in late 2020 and raised some money along the way to start scaling up the team. Pat, Rafa, and Jesper joined a little later to make the product something special.

We all love to make things for other people and we have a ton of experience in shipping great products.

…and we’d love to have you Along for the ride.

    The Standard Offer™

    We like to be transparent with our offers to avoid putting anyone in a place where they feel they have to negotiate just to get what’s fair.

    Here’s the non-negotiable offer for all positions:
    • A+ role-based salary
    • A+ equity
    • 100% paid Gold-tier health insurance for you and 50% paid for your dependents
    • Whatever hardware you need to get your job done
    • Flexible working hours
    • Unlimited vacation (2 week yearly minimum)
    • Along Weekend (Fridays off)

    A little about how we hire...

    • We ❤️ generalists.

      We think about building the team as a venn diagram. Each person naturally expands our team’s scope with their skills, lived experiences, and viewpoints. But new teammates also means new intersections, and the more intersections we have, the easier it is for us to support each other.

    • Hiring is a team sport.

      If you’re on the fence about joining us, feel free to reach out to any employee you feel comfortable talking to. We fully encourage every teammate to share their experience and help you make that decision for yourself.

    • Safety first.

      If a prospective employee makes any current employee feel unsafe or uncomfortable to work with, they have an opportunity to privately veto an offer prior to that offer being extended.

    • Success isn’t planned.

      Think we should hire you, but don’t see a listing that fits you? Pitch us on why we should hire you: jobs@along.video

    The fun’s just getting started. Want in?