Katsu Curry Udon!
Mise en place
rangiri 4 mvp
Dashi: the most efficient flavor enhancer
Katsuobushi is skipjack not bonito...
Dashi complete
Carrots r hard
Clip 8
"Ice cube effect"
Fry ➡️ steam
Dashi, in.
Roux tiiiiiime
Flour, in.
Garam masala, in.
Always refill your udon supply
Roux meets stew
All of it
Thicc curry
Worsty sauce = best sauce
Apples r grate
YOLO katsu
Breading the katsu
Frying II: Still Frying
Frying III: Maximum Crunch
Ear lobezzz
Done done almost done
Dishing up
Plating 2
Plating 3
Time to eat

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